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Mission: To help ensure our schools and educational institutions are a place in which children and students are secure and all can pursue their education in a safe learning environment.

Description: The Safe Schools Project is a user-friendly, internet-based, local, state and "national" criminal record check program designed especially for the needs of schools and the educational market.

Symphony Technology Group

Overview: Today, sex offenders and convicted criminals know that there is a high probability that their criminal histories will not be discovered by school districts. Why? Because most school districts that perform criminal background checks do not check records from outside the state where they are located. By simply moving away from the state where their criminal records are located, most sex offenders and convicted criminals can escape detection. But now there is a solution to help protect our schools and children - the Safe Schools Project!

HRO Today Nov 2008
    - (Ranks FADV #1 Outsourced Screening Services Provider)
Oklahoma School Board Journal May/June 2008, Page 14
    - (Endorsed by the Oklahoma State School Boards Association)
Dallas Morning News - 8/21/2008
    - (Counties fail to update cases in Texas' crime database)
Dallas Morning News Article, 9/25/2007
    - (Texas shifts funds to pay for teacher fingerprinting)
Dallas Morning News Article, 10/2/2004
    - (Criminal Checks Deficient)

Texas Senate Bill 9 Passed 1/21/2008
Click Here For More Information About SB 9
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